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Lina Ibet Yoga for self love
Lina Ibet Yoga for self love
Lina Ibet Yoga para amor propio

yoga para amor propio

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allow me to introduce myself

My name is Lina Sarmiento and I am primordially a seeker. I have been interested in understanding the human experience from an early age. This curiosity led me to start my journey through meditation at age 17. I proceeded to take courses on Asian philosophy in college, practice the physical aspect of Yoga, travel the world in pursuit of self-discovery, get certified as a Yoga Teacher with YogaWorks, work in India as an Ayurveda Yoga Therapist, study Kundalini Yoga in Mallorca and delve deep into the world of energetics and Breathwork through self-study. As you can see my curiosity is my driving force, and in my journey, I have come across various technologies that have transformed my life from the inside out. I have now made it my mission to share what I have discovered in my 23-year journey in a simple, digestible, and enjoyable way. My work primarily focuses on guiding you back to your truest self. It is when we are the most authentic version of ourselves that life begins to feel good, when we see our true selves we experience deep love for ourselves and everything that surrounds us and it is from this place of deep self-love that our best life starts to take form.

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Lina Ibet Yoga for self love

Lina Ibet Yoga Para Amor Propio

Regresa a ti

Utilizando la Respiración el Yoga y la meditación

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Para poder amarte necesitas conocerte.

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La Meditación es una de las 8 ramas del Yoga.

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La Respiración es el recurso mas poderoso que los humanos tenemos a nuestra disposición.

lina ibet yoga para amor propio


Signature Method


Un metodo completo


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