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free online workshop

self love

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lovingly for self-love
free online workshop

In this workshop, we will dive into what it truly means to love yourself, the layers that need to be peeled back in order to reconnect to your true essence, and the practices that will support you in this journey.


  • All LOVINGLY workshops are held on Zoom, you sign up in the form below and you will receive the link to join the workshop 

  • The first section of the workshop will include a lecture on what self-love truly is and a Q&A section to create an interactive experience for you.

  • The second section will be dedicated to a 20-minute Kundalini Yoga Practice to help us move the energy unearthed during the first portion of the workshop

  • In the last section, you get to lay down and relax as I guide you through a relaxing meditation to implant a new perspective around self-love in your subconscious. 

Expect to leave this workshop feeling more connected to yourself, recharged, and deeply grounded. 

I can't wait to see you in the Zoom Room!

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