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LOVINGLY is designed to work on your healing from a multitude of angles. We connect to the body through the movement of Yoga, to energy through the breath, to the conscious mind through self-discovery, and to the subconscious through guided meditation. All corners are covered in one cohesive session. I created LOVINGLY from the need I found in my journey for something that included all these amazing and powerful tools but that it was also simple and gentle. After a few years of using this method for my own healing I decided it was time to offer it to the world. So I introduce to you LOVINGLY, a work of love, from love and for love.

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guided meditation

Lastly, the third section will be a relaxing guided meditation to help you arrive at homeostasis. It is in this state that the mind is most relaxed and susceptible to suggestions. Once you are relaxed I will guide you to integrate a more positive belief around the topic at hand. Most of our dysfunction lives in our subconscious. We host a variety of limiting beliefs that are running our lives here. This is why no matter what you do, you continue to see the same scenarios play out in your life. This section is designed to create new, empowering, and loving beliefs in your subconscious so you can start living a happier life.

The first section is dedicated to self-discovery. Here we will discuss the topic at hand allowing you to bring awareness to your energy and feelings around the problem you are looking to solve. Utilizing my intuitive gifts I will guide you through this process so you can identify the roots of the blocks. There will be space for journaling any parts you prefer to keep private. This process is necessary to unearth the blocks and bring their energy to the surface so we can process them in the next section.

The second portion of the session will be dedicated to processing the energy and emotions discovered in the first section, through Yoga and Breathwork. This section is here to help you move the energy physically so you can feel more relaxed and integrated. The practice will be tailored to the specific topic and it will last between 20-30 minutes.

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Manifestation 101

Learn the fundamental tools to manifest anything you desire 

5/11 12 pm 
online workshop

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