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No money no honey

Learn to transmute and transcend blocks related to money in your body, mind and soul.

6/8 11:30 pm 
online workshop

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lovingly presents no money no honey

are you satisfied with your relationship with money? 

if not, read on

In short, we ALL have a relationship with money, to transform and heal this relationship you need to understand it. We all have a host of limiting and conflicting beliefs in our subconscious mind that are running our lives which we need to change at the subconscious level. But the work doesn't end there, mindset changes alone won't do the trick because the energy of HOW YOU FEEL about money is also stored in your body and energy field.

This is why I created this workshop, where we will explore the energetics of money in the collective and your own life to bring those emotions to the surface. Once those emotions and their energy are up we can move them THROUGH AND OUT of our systems with breath and movement. 

Lastly, I will guide you into a relaxed state through meditation to access the subconscious mind where those limiting beliefs live and help you install new and improved perspectives about money into your subconscious.

This LOVINGLY style workshop brings a holistic approach to healing your relationship with money. We work with mind, body, and energy to create real and lasting results. 

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I can't wait to connect with you! 

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