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12/30/2023 12-1:30pm EST

casting visions of prosperity

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lovingly end of year online workshop

close 2023 by honoring ITS lessons AND releasing what no longer serves you SO YOU CAN CAST YOUR visions of prosperity for 2024


  • HONOR THE LESSONS We can't move forward without integrating the past so we will start the workshop by honoring the lessons and celebrating the wins of 2023. 

  • RELEASE: After we have reflected on 2023 we will journal on what is no longer serving us and what we are ready to leave behind with the year ending, we will seal this purging with a Kundalini practice to remove karmas so we can move into 2023 with space and grace 

  • CASTING VISIONS: Now that the space has been cleared and the lessons have been integrated we are ready to cast visions for the year ahead with intention and clarity. We will do this by journaling our soul-felt desires and infusing them with magic with a powerful prosperity Kundalini Practice. 

  • SUBCONSCIOUS REPROGRAMMING: We will end our time together with a relaxing guided meditation designed to imprint empowerment, grace, and ease into the subconscious mind so you can move with confidence into the year ahead.

Expect to leave this workshop feeling ready to end 2023 with GRACE and start 2024 with CONFIDENCE.  

I can't wait to see you in the Zoom Room!

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